Thursday, August 7, 2008

Questions for Celtic Pagan Women

1. How do you define
  • Paganism: A polytheistic view of the Divine
  • Witchcraft: Using magic, often in worship, always as a way of life
  • Wicca: A religion incorporating both paganism and witchcraft

2. Why are you interested in the Celtic aspects of Paganism? I have Irish ancestors, so I think that's what originally drew me to the Celtic style, but the more I learn, the more it seems "right" with me.

3. What sets apart Celtic Pagan expressions from other culturally based Pagan traditions?   First, we don't have a lot of "facts" about these people. Not much was kept from then to today. It makes it difficult to know with any degree of certainty what exactly happened. Second, I think there seems to be so much of the Celtic path that was incorporated into other traditions. Finally, there seems to be a huge resurgence of this path that we just don't see in Ancient Rome, for example.

4. What are your first reactions to these words:
  • Celtic: an ancient culture originating in what is now northern Europe
  • Wicca: an earth-based religion
  • Craft: creating something out of something else
  • Witchcraft: performing spells
  • Pagan: worshiping multiple deities
  • Faery: fun, light, playful "spirits"; they remind us to be children -- in both positive and negative ways
  • Women's Spirituality: any spirituality practiced/believed by a woman or created for women

5. What are your spiritual goals in yoru chosen path? My goal is simple: to become closer to the Divine.

6. How do you feel about the societal stratification of the Celts? Every culture has/had some sort of stratification system. It happens.

7. How do you plan to reconcile the more negative aspects of the Celtic world to your own Celtic practice? Every culture learns and grows. Every person grows. There is a bit of the negative in each of us and we learn to grow through that. I believe the same in the Celtic world. There was negativity. It would have changed by this point, just as everything else does. I will take what I need and discard the rest.

8. What do you see as the role of women in old Celtic Paganism? This is a difficult question because of the lack of historical writing from the people. I believe, though, based on the Celtic mythology, that women were more respected than in other ancient cultures. Therefore, I think women held positions and responsibilities in each of the various levels of society. I think some women were responsible for teaching, others not. I think some healed, others not.

9. What attracts you to the women's spiritual aspects of Celtic Paganism? As a woman, I feel that Celtic Paganism empowered women more than other pagan traditions.

10. What do you hope to get out of this course? I hope to receive a deeper understanding of the path I'm drawn to. I also hope to learn about myself.

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