Friday, June 29, 2007

Am I a Slave to my Kitchen?

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Here's how I scored:
Kitchen Magician
You're in control (no one's likely to be poisoned in your kitchen) yet, somehow, it seems to happen effortlessly. So what's your secret? It looks like magic, but really it's natural efficiency coupled with a sense that there are other, more pleasurable things to do with your time than slave over the sink. So you tackle what needs to be done, with the minimum of fuss. And then you do something more interesting than scrub.

The Goddess Nott

Nott brings in the night (

Most of what I found about her is what is written at Macleod's Norse Mythology Page "The goddess of night, Nott, is the mother of the earth, Jord, and of the day as well. She rides forth each evening on her horse Frostymane, from whose foaming mouth the dew falls." ( Either her story isn't well known, or Nott is a "minor" goddess, compaired to some others.

Goddess Nott, you work behind the scenes. Everyday doing what needs to be done — accomplishing so much with no recognition. Yet if you were absent, if you took the day off, things would stop. You are an intrigal part of life. Help me to accomplish my mission the same way, even if there is not the recognition I think I should have. This is my wish. So mote it be.

Today's Cards

Oracle Card: Retreat Into Nature Meaning: Work with pure flower essences, crystals, plant spirit medicine, or other natural healing methods; Commune with animals, trees, fairies, and other spirits of nature (from the Ascended Master's Oracle Deck)

Tarot Card: The Seven of Swords Meaning: Release the old to renew the spirit (from the Llewellyn Tarot)

Today's Rune: Raido Meaning: A journey, life lessons, bring change

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Goddess Freya

This Goddess has multiple spellings for her name. She is Freya, Freyja, and Friia, from what I found.

I found a lot of information on her from In addition to being the Norse goddess of love and fertility, Freya is the most beautiful and propitious of the goddesses. She is the patron goddess of crops and birth, the symbol of sensuality and was called upon in matters of love. She loves music, spring and flowers, and is particularly fond of fairies. Freya is one of the foremost goddesses of the nature and fertility gods.

The site says, "Her attributes are the precious necklace of the Brisings, which she obtained by sleeping with four dwarfs, a cloak (or skin) of bird feathers, which allows its wearer to change into a falcon, and a chariot pulled by two cats. She owns Hildesvini ("battle boar") which is actually her human lover Ottar in disguise. Her chambermaid is Fulla. Freya lives in the beautiful palace Folkvang ("field of folk"), a place where love songs are always played, and her hall is Sessrumnir. She divides the slain warriors with Odin: one half goes to her palace, while the other half goes to Valhalla. Women also go to her hall."

Freya, bless these runes. May they give the message I need to hear at the time I need to hear it. Help me to read them for enlightenment.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Goddess Skadi

Poor, Skadi! Her father was killed and the Gods offer her marriage?! Then she has to pick her future husband based on his FEET?! ( Doesn't seem fair to me. According to the site, though, she did eventually leave Njord for the God Ull (God of justice and dueling, as well as the patron of agriculture). That marriage could possibly be why Skadi is the Goddess of Justice, Cengeance and Righteous Anger.

I found it interesting that at, Skadi is listed as a "Tibetan Mother" and not either Norse or Celtic. The site says to call upon her for "Winter, Insight, Communication, Banishing and Protection."

I created the following meditation to Skadi. Light a blue candle and say:"Skadi, with your calming blue, open my heart and take my anger so I may not direct it at myself or another." Meditate on the lessons to be learned from this Goddess as the candle burns down.

Today's Cards

Oracle Card: Freedom Meaning: Allow the Universe to be supportive while you make any desired life changes (from the Ascended Master's Oracle Deck)

Tarot Card: The Eight of Coins Meaning: Honesty. Candid confrontation of circumstance (from the Renaissance Tarot)

Today's Rune: Jera Meaning: Bring Change

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Goddess Hel

Hel is the child of Loki and Angrboda. Goddess of the Underworld, she is often portrayed as a "horrible hag, half alive and half dead, with a gloomy and grim expression. Her face and body are those of a living woman, but her thighs and legs are those of a corpse, mottled and moldering" ( Although another source ( describes her differently. Wikipedia says, "Half of her body is a beautiful woman, while the other half is of a disgusting, decayed corpse; she enjoys forcing men to sleep with her, as she seems enchanted so that they find her living side unbelievably beautiful, but her dead side just as disgusting, so that they are mentally destroyed by looking at her. Women are less affected by her powers."

It is also suggested on the Wikipedia site that Hel is a later Goddess, and that she originally only held authority over the shadows. She currently is believed to have authority over those who don't die gloriously in battle.

Goddess Hel, there area few battles here for me to die.
I believe you to be a Goddess of the Shadow.
Help me learn the secrets of the the darkness.
Let my life be a reminder to look beyond the surface for what people can teach us.

My Branwen Project

I decided to make a "Chakra Healing Doll" in honor of Branwen. The pattern can be found at and the doll is made of red felt (for the first chakra) with white thread (the color sacred to this Goddess).

The Goddess Lofn

In Norse myth, Lofn is the goddess of forbidden love.

According to, "she smiles upon illicit unions." This was explained better by Dickenson College, where they wrote the following. "Lofn was the giver of permission. She was a goddess of the Aesir. She was often invoked to grant consent for banned couplings to join in matrimony. This authority was given to her by Odin and Frigg. Lofn's authorization cleared away barriers that would otherwise prevent lovers from staying together. Lofn is said to be a mild and gentle woman in nature." (

With her colors being Red and White, and a symbol of rings, she obviously was the inspiration for some St. Valentine's Day traditions.

Lofn, Mighty Goddess of lust,
I call upon you and pledge my trust,
To bring me closer to my heart's desire,
And quench my thirst with burning fire.

Today's Cards

Oracle Card: Artistic Expression Meaning: Your life's purpose involves artistic endeavors, such as writing or music -- can also mean take a class (from the Ascended Master's Oracle Deck)

Tarot Card: The Nine of Staves Meaning: Hidden enemies, risk and conflict (from the Renaissance Tarot)

Today's Rune: Thurisa Meaning: aid in study and meditation

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Demystifying Paganism

WOW! This is incredible! Very eye-opening.
WARNING: This video, while worth the time, is almost 24 minutes long.

Today's Cards

Oracle Card: Open Your Heart to Love Meaning: Forgive those who seem to have hurt you (from the Ascended Master's Oracle Deck)

Tarot Card: The Eight of Swords Meaning: Fortitude and hope (from the Renaissance Tarot)

Today's Rune: Laguz Meaning: things hidden, psychic abilities

Friday, June 22, 2007

A meditation to Frigg

Goddess Frigg, help me to be the mother you are.
I desire to manage my duties as you did.
Let me feel your guiding hand, both near and far.
And share your wisdom in raising my kid.
This is my wish, so mote it be.

The Goddess Frigg

Frigg is an interesting Goddess. She has the power of prophecy, yet doens't tell what she knows. She is a wife and mother, and works with Odin (as evidenced by being the only other one to sit in his seat). She is the Goddess of fertility, love, household management, marriage, justice, motherhood, and domestic arts, according to Wikipedia.

She *is* the Mother Goddess!

According to Frigg's direction is Center. She will manage Summer (as well as the items listed above). Although she has no totem animal, according to that site, she does have the apple and "golden objects" as symbols.

On a side note, I was unable to decide for myself if Frigg and Freyja were the same person or not. According to Wikipedia, "here are clearly many similarities between the two: both had flying cloaks of falcon feathers and engaged in shape-shifting, Frigg was married to Odin while Freyja was married to Óðr, both had special necklaces, both had a personification of the Earth as a parent, both were called upon for assistance in childbirth, etc. On the other hand, they sometimes appear at the same time in the same text." This will take some additional research on my part.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Power Element is....

Your Power Element is Earth

Your power color: yellow

Your energy: balancing

Your season: changing of seasons

Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends.
You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems.
Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones.
Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful.

What Kind of Pagan am I? (a different version)

Model Pagan
You are the quintessential Pagan. You wear cool clothes, you accept new ideas, and you are open to change. You know who the ATC is, and you really dig Doreen Valiente. Knowledge will bring you closer to your goal.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today's Cards

Oracle Card: Find the Blessing in Your Current Situation Meaning: Instead of worrying, pray and use positive affirmations (from the Ascended Master's Oracle Deck)

Tarot Card: The Moon Meaning: the past, hard feelings, regrets, laziness (from the Witchy Tarot)

Today's Rune: Ansuz Meaning: signals

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today's Tarot

Oracle Card: Follow Your Heart Meaning: You're getting true divine guidance from your heart (from the Ascended Master's Oracle Deck)

Tarot Card: The Five of Cauldrons Meaning: satisfied desires, a precious gift (from the Witchy Tarot)

Today's Rune: Sowelu Meaning: success and positive energy

Monday, June 11, 2007

What Type of Fairy Am I?

what type of fairy are you?

rain fairy
rain fairy
you like colors like green, turquoise, and silver. you like earth watching. it's interesting. whats your sign?
How do you compare?
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Thoughts on today's tarot

Hmmm... Ya know, the Oracle card I pulled today has been bothering me for the last few hours. I couldn't figgure out why, though, until I read my "About Me" section again. The card was "Teacher" and I'm not doing that right now.

For the past seven years, I've been home educating my daughter. She's going to high school next year, so I won't be teaching anymore. At least not in the same way I have been.

But I do feel called to teach the Tarot. I don't think I'm good enough -- rather, I don't think I have the knowledge to do this. I want people to know they can blend Christianity with being a witch. I want to show people how to do that. I need to show people how to do that....

Today's Cards

Oracle Card: Teacher Meaning: It's time to pass on your knowledge to others (from the Ascended Master's Oracle Deck)

Tarot Card: The Eight of Orbs Meaning: Save for a rainy day. Alternative meaning -- something may be given to you (from the Shakespearian Tarot)

Today's Rune: Isa Meaning: patience