Friday, July 6, 2007

More of my beliefs....

Taken from an e-mail about my beliefs.

I believe in God and that He sent His son to save us from our sins. Was Jesus the ONLY son of God? I don't know. I tend to think not. By the way, I don't really believe God (The Divine Source of All) is male or female, but a bunch of guys wrote the Bible, and they used "He," so what the heck.

I also believe there is only one "Divine Source of All." Does that Divine Source (again, I'll use the word God) have any helpers? Yep! Other gods and goddesses, angels, saints, fairies, the holy spirit, really awesome people put in our path ---- whatever you wish to call them ---- they are all part of the same Universe, working for the Divine.

The Divine created all things. I can honor that creation by worshiping alone in nature (meditating), or praying to a saint (goddess) just as easily as I can on Sunday in a church service. Finding the balance is important, though. You can go too far in either direction.

Most people would never claim an old woman in the Appalachian mountains, who treats her neighbors with herbs and passes on folk wisdom while making dinner for the pastor is a "witch." Move that woman closer to society and make her 30 years younger, though, and they have issues! I guess that's what I do. I combine the old ways, the ways that honored the land and the spirits who are always around, and my belief in Jesus as God's son and that's what I get.

To honor God, we have to live by His commandments, love our neighbors as ourselves, harm none, and find peace in our lives.

Many people believe Christianity is a faith that considers itself complete unto itself. I think I know what they mean, but there are so MANY types of Christianity, too. Catholics are different than Presbyterians are different than Baptists are different than... you get my drift. I don't think any of them is completely "right" and I know that none of them are totally right for ME and my family. I know. I tried most of them. I also don't think Wicca is totally right for us. I read Tarot cards and Runes (which you know since you checked out my blog!), but I also read the Bible. They're both tools for my life.

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