Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mother Mary the Goddess

Mother Mary is the triple Goddess. Her maiden aspect is as the teenage mother of Jesus. Her mother aspect continues throughout his life and into his death. She then spent the rest of her life in the crone stage. A virgin birth, by the way, is in many other Goddess legends.

I have never "worshiped" her as others may have, although I believe Mother Mary is a powerful spiritual diety who can answer prayers and bring about healing. Fortunately, I have never needed to call upon her assistance there. Should the need arise, though, you can bet I will!

During my research, I learned Mother Mary can be called upon for almost anything, including each of the states I've ever traveled to and just about every occupation there is. She acts as an interrsor -- much like I believe Jesus to. I plan to ask for her help in prayers and rituals whenever she crosses my mind. I also plan to use incense of frankensince or mirh when communing with her. In addtion, I want to eventually create something similar to a Catholic rosary to use with Mother Mary and other Goddesses who touch my spirit that deeply.

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