Friday, September 28, 2007

How exciting!

I have some exciting news and I just wanted to share.

Well, let me start by saying I really like tarot cards. I like the artwork, the meanings, and the insight they give you. I know some don't believe in divination, but my view of the tarot is that it is one view of the future which you've already changed just by knowing this possible outcome. (Really, that makes sense in my head!)

Anyway, there is a metaphysical shop in town here where I've been buying some cards. It's a new shop, maybe two months old is all, and owned by a husband/wife team from France. The wife wanted to see a deck I'd purchased, so I brought them in. She wasn't there, so I started chatting with the husband. He asked if I read professionally, which I don't but is something I'd like to start doing. He asked what I'd charge and I said I would read for donations because right now I'm not in a position I need the money from that. The conversation ended with him saying "when you're ready, you can read here. We get 10 or 12 calls a day for a tarot reader."

So, I plan to take him up on that in the next few months. I want to do 20 readings where I don't second-guess myself and I want to find the "perfect deck" to use.

This is something I've thought about for a long time, so I'm very excited that it's coming together the way it is.

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