Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mary Magdeline the Goddess

Mary Magdeline has really gotten a bad rap over the years. She's been labeled everything from a psycho to a woman with a bleeding disorder to a prostitute. The Bible tells us only that Jesus cast out of her seven demons and that she then followed him and helped support his ministry. That wouldn't be an easy life today, and certainly couldn't have been two thousand years ago.

I can relate to Mary Magdeline. Sometimes we are maligned. Sometimes things don't go our way. Sometimes we have demons to face. I believe that by calling on her, she can give us strength to deal with our accusers, patience to see things through to the end, and clarity to look beyond our own demons of abuse or addiction or whatever.

One of her patronages is women. In addition to the list above, any prayer given on behalf of a woman would do well to be addressed to Mary Magdeline. I also believe candle magic would attract her attention, especially if the candle is anointed with myrrh or aloee, two of the herbs used during the days of Jesus for burial. (These would be similar to current embalming, or to various Egyptian herbs used for the pharos.)

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