Monday, October 29, 2007

Eve the Goddess

Eve is another "Mother Goddess," similar to Mother Mary yet very different. Where Mother Mary is considered the mother of God, Eve is the mother of humanity. According to the Bible, she suffered. A lot. One of her sons killed another. As a mother, I can't imagine losing a child -- especially not at the hands of another of my children. Her pain and anguish must have been great.

Eve is important to tailors, which is nice since I like to sew. I plan to call upon her to help as I sew gifts for others for the upcoming holiday season. Although I don't practice it, I also believe Eve would be useful to call upon when preforming sex magic because of the Biblical result of eating from the Tree of Forbidden Knowledge (that being banishment from the garden, as well as make sex a shameful act). As mentioned at the school site, Eve would also be a great Goddess to call upon when taking a risk, but also for standing up for that risk. Unlike Adam, Eve didn't "pass the blame" (as much!) and has been blamed since that time. As women, we can learn a lot by her example. As I mentioned before, I belive Eve can be called upon for help with understanding our children. We may not agree with the actions our children take, but it should never stop us from accepting them as people -- or loving them, either. Finally, I can call upon Eve for help with animals. With six pets running around my home, I will ask that she would keep them safe!

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