Thursday, January 10, 2008

Followup to the Jan. 9 question

Sometimes, you just have to wonder at how the Universe works, don't you?  Let me tell you how the cards I drew for yesterday played out in my life.

Monday (Jan 7): I signed up for an online writing class about plotting a novel using Tarot cards.  This is something that was right up my alley!  Awesome!

Tuesday (Jan 8): The critique I'd been waiting for from the Mystery Writers of America finally showed up. I ripped it open and was crushed.  The guy who did the critique really knew nothing about my sub-genre or paranormal cozies, wasn't in my target audience of women 18 and older, and did the entire critique in red pen.  All I saw at first was his "bleeds" all over.  Didn't help that he really wasn't very helpful in his criticism, either.  I decided I must be a lousy writer and was wasting my time even trying.  I asked the Divine Force of the Universe to give me a sign.  An UNMISTAKABLE sign, of course.

Wednesday (Jan 9): I had somewhat calmed down, although I was still awaiting that unmistakable sign.  Amazingly, in my inbox I start to get the information from that course I signed up for on Monday.  Assignment number one was to pick the deck you want to use for the purposes of the class.  So I go on a hunt.  I finally decide upon a deck (the Tarot Lenormand), and post an introduction along with my first assignment.  As I continue to check my e-mail I get the daily card drawing question from another list and do the drawing that made no sense.  Oh well.  All will be revealed and all that, right?  Moving on, I keep checking e-mails, going through the posts from the class.  I get an e-mail with the subject "Off-line" or "Off class" or something of the like.  The author of the e-mail wanted to know how much I'd done on my novel.  Would I be interested in an online critique group for MYSTERY AUTHORS?  Where at least one other (the author of the e-mail) actually wrote PARANORMAL MYSTERIES?   Sweet!!!  So I was given the opportunity to have an advisor on this project (the Hermit) and to share my writing with a group who's mission is to give me helpful feedback in an effort to get the book published (the 8 of Chalices movement of goods).  

Like I said before, sometimes you just have to wonder at how the Universe works.

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