Thursday, May 15, 2008

Final Essay Question: Explain Celtic Wicca and its practices and how you plan to incorperate it into your own specailized path.

In it's most simplistic form, Celtic Wicca is nothing more than honoring the ancient Celtic Gods and Goddesses in whatever way you are most able and in every way you are able. Honor them with your creativity. Honor them with your studies. Honor them with your life.

Because so little is known about how the ancient Celts actually practiced, Celtic Wicca is very much open to interpretation. The way someone today honors the Bard in them, may be totally different (thanks to technology, for one!) then was practiced eons ago. The same can be said with someone who walks a Druid path. How that learned society functioned and the rules it followed have been lost to the annuals of time. There is no one right or wrong way to follow that path, because we no longer know how it was followed at the beginning.

Personally, I plan to honor the Celts as a Bard. My goal is to write a novel and I believe that by following this ancient path, the Divine Spirit of the Universe will smile upon me and help me complete it. I also will do some "Druid" things, like never stop learning and embrace the spiritual world. I plan to use the Celtic Cross as a means to call the Spirits of the Quarters, as well as to meditate.

The more I learn, the more drawn I am to Celtic traditions. At this time of my life, anyway, I believe that's where I'm called to worship, to study, and to learn.

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