Sunday, May 11, 2008

What are your own views of the afterlife?

Personally, I believe more in rebirth than in reincarnation. I believe that there are lessons each of us must learn in order to have eternal peace and we may come into this life to learn them (and end up maybe learning others!) before being able to stop the cycle. I think this is why some people are attracted to certain times in history, for example -- because their soul remembers that time. I also believe that if we as human choose not to "do good" or to learn the lessons we came for, we will have to do it again. For example, I don't believe a serial killer who murders only for the thrill of it has learned the necessary lessons to elevate his or her soul. That person will either have to spend eternity on the Isle of Black and White or try again. At the same time, someone who spent their life doing good — such as Mother Theresa — will be rewarded greatly in the afterlife and even given a choice to return and continue, or remain in the Otherworld, possibly skipping directly to the third realm. Heck, she could even be elevated to role of Goddess for the good she did on Earth!

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