Sunday, April 29, 2007

13 Goals of a Witch

Week #2 of the Christian Witch Class deals with the Wiccan Rede, the Witch's Creed, and the 13 Goals of a Witch. Each item is copywritten and because of that I'm not going to put any of those documents here. I am, however, going to discuss what I think each of them mean.

The 13 goals of a witch are simplistic. They are the things you want to do to be a better person. If I were to write a list of goals for MY life, this would be it. Same with most of the Christians I know. (Ok, theirs might say "Honor God" instead of having a reference to a Goddess.) The items about exercising and eating right, the are the same! The ones about keeping pure words and thoughts, same! Learning, knowing your "craft" and yourself? All the same!

So, are they really the goals of a witch? Or are they the goals of a human? The goals of a person who is striving to be more spiritual? The goals of someone who is working toward a path of enlightenment and is curious as to where that path is headed?

That's what I think.

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