Thursday, April 12, 2007

My path

I got into quite a "to-do" on one yahoo list recently when I shared my beliefs. What are my beliefs, you might ask. Here goes.

1. Jesus is God's son. Period. No other way around it.

2. Jesus rose from the dead.

3. God gives us each spiritual gifts.

4. Those gifts include some crazy things! Including seeing and hearing spirits, being able to communicate with them, knowing the outcome of future events, and all kinds of other wacky, crazy things.

5. If we don't use those talents and gifts, or if we use them for the wrong reasons or the wrong way, we will lose them.

6. There is one God. And a bunch of Goddesses and minor Gods (angels? spirits? ) helping God out. God is not male OR female. God just is.

7. God loves us all.

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