Friday, June 29, 2007

The Goddess Nott

Nott brings in the night (

Most of what I found about her is what is written at Macleod's Norse Mythology Page "The goddess of night, Nott, is the mother of the earth, Jord, and of the day as well. She rides forth each evening on her horse Frostymane, from whose foaming mouth the dew falls." ( Either her story isn't well known, or Nott is a "minor" goddess, compaired to some others.

Goddess Nott, you work behind the scenes. Everyday doing what needs to be done — accomplishing so much with no recognition. Yet if you were absent, if you took the day off, things would stop. You are an intrigal part of life. Help me to accomplish my mission the same way, even if there is not the recognition I think I should have. This is my wish. So mote it be.

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