Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Goddess Skadi

Poor, Skadi! Her father was killed and the Gods offer her marriage?! Then she has to pick her future husband based on his FEET?! ( Doesn't seem fair to me. According to the site, though, she did eventually leave Njord for the God Ull (God of justice and dueling, as well as the patron of agriculture). That marriage could possibly be why Skadi is the Goddess of Justice, Cengeance and Righteous Anger.

I found it interesting that at, Skadi is listed as a "Tibetan Mother" and not either Norse or Celtic. The site says to call upon her for "Winter, Insight, Communication, Banishing and Protection."

I created the following meditation to Skadi. Light a blue candle and say:"Skadi, with your calming blue, open my heart and take my anger so I may not direct it at myself or another." Meditate on the lessons to be learned from this Goddess as the candle burns down.

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