Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today's Question: How can I find the calm that is my inner strength?

Deck: Circle of Life

Card: I literally had two cards fly out of the deck -- the King of Swords and the Knave of Chalices

The King of Swords shows a man's head and shoulders surrounded by some very fierce animals -- a snake, an eagle -- things with pointy beaks and forked tongues. The man is in the midst of a "war yell." The LWB says this card means "those who are capable of imagining the future can often decide it."

The Knave of Chalices shows an older woman (sprite maybe?) carrying a basket filled with water. There are birds helping to carry the woman and the load she's carrying. The LWB says "knowing how to meditate, even on our victories, is the privilege of the wise."

I look at these two cards and am reminded first of my husband with the King of Swords. The "war yell" thing is so him! The birds helping to carry the burden in the Knave of Chalices card reminds me to share my burdens. I think these cards are telling me that I will find that calm inner strength when I share my burdens with my husband.

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