Sunday, May 20, 2007

Becoming Ordained

Yesterday was amazing. I headed west with my dog and we ended up at Devil's Tower, Wyoming. If you've never been there, you are missing something wonderful. Photos or movies (like Close Encounters of the Third Kind) honestly don't do the monument justice. It is a very solemn area and it is easy to see why the Native Americans hold it sacred.

After a lot of walking and admiring the area and taking MANY pictures, we headed back.

Once home, tired and hungry, I read my e-mail to find a note saying, "It is my pleasure to welcome you into the clergy of the Coven of Christ Ministries." WOW! I was so excited!

I had read in "Clan of the Goddess" by C.C. Brondwin that we need to take those moments of pure bliss and relive them and cherish them. According to her, those are the moments that bring us closer to the Goddess. Those are the moments that we, as spiritual people, need to cling to in order to become all that we're meant to be.

Reading that e-mail, the one that said I am now a High Priestess in Coven of Christ Ministries, was one of those moments of bliss for me. It's something I've wanted and considered for many years (maybe not in COCM, since I didn't know such a wonderful group existed) and now that's a dream that has been fulfilled -- a moment of bliss to be relived and cherished. I'm thankful that I achieved this milestone and hope to be worthy of the honor.


sithyogini said...

good job

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your ordination to the COCM Clergy. May God/dess bless you today and always!

Cerridwen said...

Thanks, sis!

Cerridwen said...

Thank you, Stealth Priest. Same to you.