Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Christian Witch Course Week #5

This week I finished Scott Cunningham's book. The Book of Shadows was interesting, and I did start my own. I have a 3-inch thick binder that I covered in some Halloween fabric (cats with hats, spiders, and candy corn). I have started to use that.

What I *really* liked was the "Before Time Was" section on page 123. I'll be using that in my own BOS. I also know that I need to be more diligent about adding my own prayers, chants, incantations, and spells to my BOS as I grow in my faith.

On a side note, I heard the BEST description of what I believe. Jesus is who I worship, witchcraft is how I worship. Doesn't that just fit?

Note: This completes module one in the Christian Witch Course.

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