Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Inner Goddess

According to I have an inner birth Goddess: Pele! Too bad I don't know anything about her. My work Goddess is Freja. (Could she be the same as Freya? If so, I'll get to study her in the Celtic and Norse Goddess course! I'm going to guess she is....) I'll have to do more studying to learn about these Goddesses and, by extension, myself. Good thing I believe that the only time you should STOP studying is...well, never. There's too much to learn!

The Inner Goddess yahoo group had some interesting information about Blodeuwedd this week. This is what was sent in the e-mail:

Goddess of the week: BLODEUWEDD

Spring time in England heralds the charity event, Geranium Day – a perfect time to cherish Blodeuwedd.

~ Acts of charity come naturally to me
~ I accept the wisdom that flows as youthful beauty fades
~ I realise the extent of my wisdom as I enter my wise woman years
~ I release my fixation on youthful looks
~ True beauty comes from within
~ There is beauty in everything I see

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for the heart chakra

Related gemstones: green calcite, amber, jet, black tourmaline, geodes

The Welsh flower goddess, Blodeuwedd (pronounced bluh-DIE-weth), was created from nine kinds of wildflowers – oak, meadowsweet, broom, cockle, bean, nettle, chestnut, primrose, and hawthorn – and given the name, flower-face.


Two magicians created Blodeuwedd as a wife for Welsh hero, Llew Llaw. Her beauty proved to be only skin deep, however, when she betrayed him for the sake of a lover. The magicians discovered her treachery and, showing mercy, transformed her into an owl.

Blodeuwedd’s journey from radiance to her nocturnal existence represents the evolution of beauty – blossoming youth eventually wilts, but with this comes the wisdom of age.


Foster inner beauty by being charitable. You don’t need to give away money to be charitable – you could give a helping hand or a well-timed compliment.

Love and light,
~ Anita ~

Interesting, isn't it?

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